26 Feb 2010

Preliminary Findings from Local Governance Attitude Survey

Thought I would quickly share a few early findings from the local governance attitude survey that we're involved with.

Of 1000 randomly selected citizens in Njombe Town, Njombe District, Ludewa and Makete:
  • 39% felt that the main role of a councillor was to bring development to their ward, compared to only 3% who felt their main role was to scrutinise the plans and performance of the district government.
  • 25% felt that their MP does not consider their interests at all, compared to only 12% who felt the same about their councillor.
  • 75% said that elections, as they happen in practice, were not effective at making MPs and councillors consider voters' interests
  • 68% in rural areas have a lot of trust in the President, dropping to 54% in urban areas.
  • Only 19% in urban areas had a lot of trust in the police, rising to 36% in rural areas.
  • 50% in rural areas said road improvements should be one of the government's top three priorities, followed by health (41%), education (34%) and water supply (31%). In urban areas, the top priority issue (34%) was combatting corruption.
Just some snapshots. But some interesting data, as I'm sure you will agree.

Please be aware that this is very raw and incomplete analysis. A full report, prepared with more rigour and with added visuals, will be published once our analysis is complete.

Thanks should go to REPOA for funding this study. And to episurveyor, whose software we used for mobile phone-based data collection (about which I have written previously).

Best wishes,