27 Apr 2010

Only successful applicants will be notified!

This is a very familiar phrase among job and scholarship applicants. Usually, employers include such a statement or something alike when they advertise for vacancies. Principally, job applicants are expected to consider themselves unsuccessful in case they don't receive notification within a set time. The rationale being a large number of applicants going far beyond the capacity (in terms of time and other resources) of the recruiting organisations to notify all applicants. For the example, Daraja received 600 applications for only eight vacancies during its recruitment process last year.

22 Apr 2010

Local Authority "Indiscretions" in #Tanzania

The Citizen has an article today reporting on the audit report on Local Government Authorities (pdf) for the year ending June 2009. It includes some pretty strong and challenging conclusions, including the following:
“It has come to our attention that many councils are preparing project implementation reports which are not based on the actual status of the concerned projects"
According to the article, Dr Slaa of CHADEMA, in his role as Local Authorities Accounts Committee (LAAC)  chair, reported to parliament that in certain cases projects were not implemented at all. In other words, prejects are being reported and funds reported as spent, when nothing has actually happened on the ground. Where has the money gone?

20 Apr 2010

93% believe in #Witchcraft in #Tanzania

An incredible 93% of Tanzanians believe in witchcraft, compared to only 27% in Kenya, 29% in Uganda and 37% in Nigeria. That’s according to a recent survey on religious belief in sub-Saharan Africa by the Pew Research Centre. Out of 19 countries surveyed, Tanzania has by far the highest belief in witchcraft, with only Cameroon (78%) coming close.