24 Oct 2010

Good things come in small packages. This blog is now mobile friendly

It seems likely that growth in internet access in Tanzania will be driven by mobile phones. Mobiles are enabling people in developing countries not just to leapfrog landlines, but also to leapfrog the laptop. I haven't come across any up to date, Tanzania-specific data that backs this up, but it seems a reasonably safe prediction.

Part of the reason for Daraja being active on twitter, facebook and with this blog is to explore the potential of social media as a way of promoting good governance in Tanzania. So in this spirit of exploration, we've made this blog mobile-friendly.

If you've got an internet-enabled mobile phone and you navigate to any part of the blog site (blog.daraja.org), your phone should detect that there is a mobile-friendly version and automatically take you to it. All the same content is available there, but in a simpler, quicker-loading layout.

I will be posting sometime soon on a range of tools that can help NGOs and social groups to have an effective online presence at no (or very low) cost. But for the moment, let me simply point to mobify.me, the site that made it possible to make this blog mobile-friendly in about half an hour at no cost at all.

Let me also give a shout-out to vijana.fm, whose similar decision to create a mobile-friendly site was what led us to think that this should be possible.