30 Nov 2010

Reflections on the elections through a Daraja window

A few weeks have passed, (most of) the dust has settled and life is beginning to get back to normal. So it seems an opportune time to look back and reflect on what was a very interesting election period.

If you find yourself thinking, "oh no, not another election reflection," rest assured we won't be going over the same ground that has been very ably covered elsewhere (Pambazuka; Vijana FM; The Mikocheni Report - all of which are highly recommended.) Instead we will be looking at the election through a "Daraja window", thinking about how the election affected core Daraja themes of water supply, local government, the media and civil society.

15 Nov 2010

Out and about with Kwanza Jamii: photos from Wangama ward, Njombe

One of the Kwanza Jamii newspaper's regular sections of public-interest journalism is Kata Maalumu, or Ward in Focus. Each issue takes an in-depth look at a particular rural ward, bringing attention to areas that are rarely covered in the media. This includes reports on local issues and the state of local public services, a sample of local opinion, a very simple questionnaire survey (using mobile phones and episurveyor) and a story on something positive that other communities can learn from that ward.

The team were out in Wangama ward last week, up in the mountains and about as remote as Njombe gets. They came back with a great set of stories and pictures. The stories will find their way into the December issue of the paper (and eventually online) but for the moment, here are some photos to take a look at.

Wazo Tete - Maswali na majibu na Kapongola Nganyanyuka, mtafiti wa Daraja

Afisa Ufuatiliaji na Utafiti wetu, Kapongola Nganyanyuka, alihojiwa na Radio Uplands FM wa hapa Njombe wiki iliopita juu ya kazi za Daraja na mfumo mzima wa mipango shirikishi. Kifuatacho ni badhi ya maswali na majibu kutoka kwa kipindi hiki:

1. Nini hasa kilichopelekea mpaka kuamua kujishughulisha na programu ya kuwaleta wananchi na serikali pamoja mkoani Njombe

Ahsante sana ndugu...... Kwanza kabisa naomba nitoe utangulizi wa shirika la Daraja. Daraja ni shirika la kiraia ambalo linashughulika na utawala bora hasa katika kuleta wananchi na serikali pamoja. Dira ya Daraja ni kuona serikali za mitaa zinafanya kazi kikamilifu kwa kuzingatia matakwa na mahitaji ya wananchi na kutimiza wajibu wao wa kupunguza umaskini vijijini. Shirika la Daraja lina makao makuu mjini Njombe. Pia ni vizuri kufahamu kua shirika la Daraja limeanza kazi mwaka 2009, hata hivyo ofisi ya kudumu ilifunguliwa mwanzoni mwezi Januari mwaka huu.

12 Nov 2010

Various presentations to Daraja's media partners on the MajiMatone programme

Daraja's Maji Matone programme hosted representatives of the programme's media partners earlier this week for a two-day workshop. It was an inspiring couple of days with some highly motivated people, both within Daraja's MajiMatone team and the media partners.

Day 1 was essentially training on water sector issues and on Daraja. Day 2 was more practical, developing programme outlines and recording and editing content. We'll have some audio content online very soon, but for the moment the main presentations from the fist day are below. They're presented in Daraja's working language of Kiswanglish.

5 Nov 2010

Reflections on a year of blogging: What's it doing for Daraja?

It's now exactly 12 months since this blog was launched, followed a little later by a facebook page and twitter profile for Daraja. At the time, we did not have a very clear idea of what it was for, just a hunch that it was an idea with some potential and a belief that the best way to explore new territory is to get out there and wander around for a bit. This is exactly what we've done.

And we hope it's proved as interesting to you as it has to us. Our ideas on what social media can offer Daraja have developed somewhat, as a number of posts over the past year have documented. (See some highlights here.)

One year in, it's now time to take stock of where we are. What have we learned, what's working, what's not, where's the real potential, and how can we capitalise on it?

2 Nov 2010

More pictures of #uchaguzitz from around Njombe

Some more pictures from Njombe.

First up, we have some more flags. This time they are in Makambako town centre, having to compete with a Jacaranda tree in full flower that was bare when the flags were put up.

1 Nov 2010

Some images of #uchaguzitz

We don't post very many pictures on this blog, but several images struck me in the past few days of election fever that I felt we should share.

First, if flags could vote ... . There were over 30 CCM and CHADEMA flags on display in Njombe bus stand this week, with a clear majority in favour of Chadema. Some brave and/or stupid CCM supporter tried to remove some of the CHADEMA flags, but as there's little doubt who the majority of piga-debes at the stand were supporting they got chased off pretty quick.