2 Nov 2010

More pictures of #uchaguzitz from around Njombe

Some more pictures from Njombe.

First up, we have some more flags. This time they are in Makambako town centre, having to compete with a Jacaranda tree in full flower that was bare when the flags were put up.

The turnout in Njombe was low, but there were some voters. Queues here from Wawadi (Makambako, Njombe North) and Mambegu (Njombe West) respectively.

And some results posted at the polling stations. A little interest, but not much, the reason for which can be understood from extent of CCM's victory locally. These results for one polling station in Njombe Kaskazini, for the bunge seat. Hardly a great turnout, but a very clear result.

And finally, Kwanza Jamii's regular cartoonist, John "Macho" Nganyanyuka. Here he's hard at work in Daraja's office on the Kwanza Jamii editorial cartoon for the post election issue.