15 Nov 2010

Out and about with Kwanza Jamii: photos from Wangama ward, Njombe

One of the Kwanza Jamii newspaper's regular sections of public-interest journalism is Kata Maalumu, or Ward in Focus. Each issue takes an in-depth look at a particular rural ward, bringing attention to areas that are rarely covered in the media. This includes reports on local issues and the state of local public services, a sample of local opinion, a very simple questionnaire survey (using mobile phones and episurveyor) and a story on something positive that other communities can learn from that ward.

The team were out in Wangama ward last week, up in the mountains and about as remote as Njombe gets. They came back with a great set of stories and pictures. The stories will find their way into the December issue of the paper (and eventually online) but for the moment, here are some photos to take a look at.

Note the relatively recent improvement  in public service infrastructure - the new secondary school and dispensary. But whether the quality of services provided matches the buildings is a big question, and the state of the much older primary school buildings and the secondary school latrines show that even the buildings have plenty of room for improvement.

Otherwise, enjoy the views.