1 Nov 2010

Some images of #uchaguzitz

We don't post very many pictures on this blog, but several images struck me in the past few days of election fever that I felt we should share.

First, if flags could vote ... . There were over 30 CCM and CHADEMA flags on display in Njombe bus stand this week, with a clear majority in favour of Chadema. Some brave and/or stupid CCM supporter tried to remove some of the CHADEMA flags, but as there's little doubt who the majority of piga-debes at the stand were supporting they got chased off pretty quick.

Polling day, but where is everyone? This is a polling station in Njombe Kusini constituency. I chatted to the Mgambo and Karani (pictured) for 15 minutes but not even a single voter was to be seen. We've had very low turnouts across most of Njombe.

Twenty-seven thousand, eight hundred and eleven, ..., twenty seven thousand, eight hundred and twelve, ..., what was that? Oh no, I've lost count. One, ..., two, ... three, ... . It takes a long time to turn votes into results, though the software and transparency on show here was pretty impressive. This picture was taken at the counting center for Njombe Kaskazini, with the District Executive Director announcing the results. Behind him are two large screens projecting results being entered into the NEC database for the assembled group of observers, representatives, etc to follow.

And finally, I read a comment the other day asking how international election observers could monitor an election in Tanzania without knowing Swahili. Well, I think I have may have found an answer. (Sorry for the poor quality of this picture, it was taken on a mobile phone pointed at a TV, which is hardly a recipe for quality.)