16 May 2011

DFID Tanzania Operational Plan

A few weeks ago, this blog looked at DFID's recent Aid Reviews and asked what this meant for Tanzania. There wasn't much Tanzania-specific information available at the time, so it was a slightly speculative and incomplete analysis. But now DFID has now published its 2011-2015 Operational Plan for Tanzania, which means we have a little more information to work with.
Breakdown of DFID's Operational Plan for Tanzania, 2011-15
Some brief highlights:

First, and as expected, there is a significant reduction planned in General Budget Support - from over 75% of UK aid to Tanzania previously to just under 50% (see chart). In 2010/11, DFID contributed £103.5m to Tanzania as GBS. Over the four years from 2011-15 the new Operational Plan details £320m to be provided as either GBS or Sector Budget Support, an average of £80m per year in 2011-15. And since this includes Sector Budget Support, "pure" Budget Support will presumably be even lower.

Second, of particular interest to Daraja is the confirmation that DFID will now begin funding service delivery work in the water sector (previously they had limited their work in the water sector to policy analysis and technical assistance). At £26m over 4 years, it's significant but not huge and it will buy them a greater voice in sector policy debates. Whether or not this will be channeled through the struggling Water Sector Development Programme's Basket Fund is not clear from the plan. Despite my criticisms of that programme, I think DFID would be better off inside and helping rather than outside and undermining, but it's a marginal call.

Third, also of interest to Daraja, significant support will be continued to civil society and the media working on accountability - £41m over 4 years. I can't work out exactly how much was being spent in this area previously, but as an indication, the total given as grants to civil society and NGOs during 2004-2009 was £13.5m (pdf) and the Accountability in Tanzania (AcT) programme (through which Daraja receives funding) has a total budget over 5 years of £18m. So at just over £10m per year in the new operational plan, it looks like an increase.

Overall, no major surprises.