20 Oct 2011

Two great videos on rural water supply

I have two videos to share with you, since I've been in Dar and have therefore had access to a quick enough internet connection to deal with such things.

First up, an excellent short documentary (just over 15 minutes) from my former colleagues at WaterAid Tanzania on the state of the Water Sector Development Programme - on which I will also be writing shortly. Some of this is pretty hard hitting, particularly with many of the most critical comments coming from District Water Engineers and MPs.

More light-hearted, though with a serious message, is the ever-innovative Ned Breslin of Water for People, stripping off to give us "the naked truth" about rural water supply sustainability. This is remarkably and refreshingly self-critical. 

(H/T Beginning in Bamako)

If, like me, you like the honesty of this second video, you may well also be interested in the discussions on admitting failure at the links below:

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