21 Nov 2011

Naunga Mkono Uwazi Serikalini Tanzania - I Support Open Government in Tanzania

Daraja supports open government in Tanzania.

And for that reason, Daraja has led the creation of a facebook page (together with Twaweza and the Centre for Economic Prosperity) where others can show their support for open government in Tanzania. Or they can post their ideas for what particular aspects of Tanzanian governance should be opened up.

The page is now online at www.facebook.com/NaungaMkonoUwaziSerikalini and I encourage anyone who thinks the Tanzanian government should be more open to visit the page, click on the "Like" button at the top of the page, and  ideas.

Any suggestions posted there will be forwarded to the task force working on Tanzania's Open Government Action Plan.

From the furious debate on Twitter on Friday and over the weekend (try searching for #makebudgetspublic and #ogptz), and in the blogosphere, it's clear that the Open Government Partnership (OGP) has its share of critics as well as supporters in Tanzania, including among leading advocates of budget transparency. And I can understand people's uncertainty about Tanzania's political commitment to the OGP and their frustration (which I share) at the government's missteps in the consultation process.

But I urge everyone to put those differences behind us and to focus on what we can agree on - which is that greater transparency in the Tanzanian government is worth advocating for. What matters most is not whether we support the OGP or not, but whether we support open government.

And if you do support open government in Tanzania, why not show the world that you do by "liking" this facebook page and saying "naunga mkono uwazi serikalini".