3 Nov 2011

A new paper hits the streets - the launch of Kwanza Jamii Iringa, in pictures

Kwanza Jamii Iringa is out, available across Iringa region. The launch event took place on Tuesday in Iringa town, with the Regional Commissioner, Dr Christine Ishengoma, cutting the ribbon, and with Mrisho "Mjomba" Mpoto keeping the crowd entertained.

Congratulations to Simon Mkina (Managing Editor), Greyson Mgoi (Editor), Hakimu Mwafongo (Assistant Editor), John Mnubi (Designer), Rehema Salim (Business Manager) and Russell Williams (Chief Sales Representative), as well as everyone else who has contributed to putting together an excellent launch, and for all the hard work they've done to get us to this stage.

This is Daraja's second local newspaper, following the launch last year of Kwanza Jamii Njombe. The two papers will continue as separate papers, so that the focus remains firmly local, though they will obviously link closely and will share some content.

I will post more on how that works at a later date, but for now, some photos of the launch event:

All photos are from Mjengwa blog, where there are also some more available. (Maggid Mjengwa is Editorial Advisor for both Kwanza Jamii Njombe and Kwanza Jamii Iringa.)