4 Apr 2012

"A good news man in Africa," says Simon Kelner

Daraja's Kwanza Jamii newspaper was the focus of Simon Kelner's column in The Independent newspaper (in the UK) today. This follows his visit to Njombe in February, in his role as Chief Executive of The Journalism Foundation.

Cut through a wattle forest, the dirt track to Lupembe does not afford the visitor from Europe an easy ride. From the nearest main road, it's a three-hour, bone-jarring journey – "an African massage," my companion said – to the heart of Tanzania's tea-growing country, through countryside that is more reminiscent of northern Europe than of Africa. It was the tail-end of the rainy season, and the verdant, rolling hills spoke of Derbyshire or the Dordogne.

2 Apr 2012

The truth has no price - visiting @Verdade in Maputo

Daraja's Simon Mkina, Managing Editor of our Kwanza Jamii local newspapers visited Mozambique recently. He was there to learn from the experiences of the @Verdade newspaper, a weekly newspaper that like Kwanza Jamii, puts the community first. Unlike Kwanza Jamii, however, @Verdade is distributed free of charge. In this post, Simon Mkina tells us what he found.

By Simon Mkina

THERE is no way, one could walk around Maputo City without seeing  busy shopelas (three wheeler tuk-tuk,  in Shangana vernacular)  stopping by the road sides embarking or disembarking passengers.

Shopela, yellow tuk-tuk do that in all busy streets in Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique, from Monday to Thursday, but not on Fridays or Saturdays. Those two days are reserved for something else.

So what are they doing in the mornings on those two days? Simple, they are busy distributing heaps of newspapers to various areas in Maputo and in the locations.