2 Jul 2012

Social Workers in every ward?

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has indicated that it wants social workers in every ward.

According to the article in the Daily News,
"Tanzania will for the first time have social workers posted to ward and village stations." 
"The Commissioner for Social Welfare at the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children, Dunford Makala said the ministry has set a goal of training 6,000 individuals to bridge the gap in the social welfare sector thereby strengthening the country's severely overstretched social welfare workforce."
And yet, in the very same article, Mr Makala said
"some 22 councils do not even have social welfare officers. [...] Significant among their challenges was the shortage of funds."
When there aren't enough funds for social welfare officers in every council, where are the funds for ward and village level social workers going to come from?