31 Jan 2013

Presentation to ICT4D TweetUp at Google Campus

This is the presentation made by Daraja's Ben Taylor to the London ICT4D meeting on ICTs for social justice, earlier this week. It covers the failure of our Maji Matone programme, and lessons learned from the experience.

The presentation is largely the same as that given to other recent events, including the PwC International Development Conference, the OpenUp 2012 event in London, DFID's Digitial Development Day, and the Engineers Without Borders Annual Conference.

8 Jan 2013

Cecilia: How I lost my dear husband to witchcraft claims

Originally published in Daraja's Kwanza Jamii Njombe local newspaper, in Swahili, this article has since been translated and republished in the (Tanzanian) Guardian newspaper (see here). 

Cecilia: How I lost my dear husband to witchcraft claims
By Sauli Gilliard

It is five o’clock in the evening and Cecilia Haule, a resident of Ibani village in Ludewa is returning home from work. The mother of three had been labouring for almost ten hours at a maize farm to earn only 1,000/- at the end of the day.

Perhaps she could be saving some of this money for the rainy days if her husband had been alive. Unfortunately he is not and so as her family’s sole breadwinner, she spends all the money she earns to cater for her family’s needs.